DuckDuckGo – Switch to the search engine that doesn’t track you!


Real Privacy

We don’t track you.

What you search for is your own business and we’d like to keep it that way. That’s why we don’t collect any personal information and therefore, have none to share.


Our Extended Team.

Our search engine is more than just servers and an algorithm. Our community directly contributes to DuckDuckGo. Get involved in changing the future of search.

Smarter Search

Get answers quicker.

We help you get where you want to go in fewer clicks. We do that through instant answers, themes and !bangs. We have everything you expect and more.

DuckDuckGo just crossed ten million searches a day for the first time ever! We’re proud to be helping so many people take back their privacy. It’s easier than ever to switch to DuckDuckGo now that we’re a built-in search option in Safari and Firefox . And the search experience is better than ever, with everything you expect to be there and more .

PEW recently reported results validating that people care deeply about online privacy. For example, “40% [of Americans] think that their search engine provider shouldn’t retain information about their activity.” We’ve grown 600% since NSA surveillance news broke two years ago. And yet only a few percent of people have even heard of DuckDuckGo and other private alternatives. Getting the word out is our biggest challenge and we could really use your help. Every conversation helps.

Although there are many ways you’re tracked online, there are a few solutions that provide significant protection. First, switch your search engine, email and other major services where your personal information is heavily tracked to good private alternatives . Second, add EFF’s HTTPS Everywhere plugin to your browser, which will encrypt web site connections where possible. Third, add EFF’s Privacy Badger plugin to your browser, which blocks third-party trackers. These three simple changes will pretty seamlessly and significantly reduce your digital footprint.

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3 thoughts on “DuckDuckGo – Switch to the search engine that doesn’t track you!

  1. I was unaware of DuckDuckGo as an alternative to Google. From this article, it seems that it does indeed offer browsing privacy; I did not know this could be possible. This is an amazing accomplishment, especially being a built-in search engine option in Firefox and Safari. Thanks to all involved in this innovation and thanks for offering those solutions for protection. This information is enlightening.

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