Would YOU queue to enter the ‘world’s most exclusive website’? Online experiment sees hundreds waiting in line for 60-second access


  • Only one person can enter at one time and can spend 60 seconds inside
  • The site is believed to have been created by Reddit user Justin Foley 
  • It is not known if it is social experiment or just a bit of fun
  • At the time of writing there were more than 219 people waiting, and more than 100,480 tickets had been issued

On a basic website with nothing but a counter and a few lines of text, hundreds of people are waiting in a virtual line. Each of these people have taken a ticket and are desperately waiting for the timer to countdown to take their turn. Only one person can enter the site – dubbed ‘World’s Most Exclusive website’ – at any one time, and they are only allowed to spend 60 seconds inside. At the time of writing there were more than 219 people waiting, and the server was struggling to keep up. More than 100,480 tickets had been issued.

The site is believed to have launched at the start of this year but it has been rising in popularity since a link was posted to Reddit. Once inside the room, users can post a comment to prove that they were there and it is possible to take a ticket at a later date if using a different browser or device. After posting a message, users are given a ‘treat’, which a YouTube video revealed to be a series of cat pictures. The site was created by Justin Foley, who recently wrote: ‘You dudes and dudettes are about to break the server’ on Reddit. When the site loads, a message that says ‘Reddit you are killing me.’ A similar site, with the name: ‘The world’s most exclusive website’ launched in 2011 but was restricted to people with verified Twitter profiles only. The number of followers these accounts had determined how many doors on the site the user could travel through. And once they were through each door they could talk with other people in that room. Both are reminiscent of Reddit’s The Button experiment that ran from April Fool’s Day to 8 June this year.


Each time The Button was pressed, the timer reset and only people who registered on the site before the start date were eligible to click. When they did they were awarded a colour, known as a ‘flair.’ This colour represented the time period at which they clicked The Button, ranging from zero to 60 seconds. According to the Flair Guide, users received a purple flair when they pressed The Button between 52 and 60 seconds. Blue flairs were awarded between 42 and 51 seconds, green flairs were between 32 and 41 seconds, yellow flairs were awarded when The Button is pressed when the timer is between 22 and 31 seconds, and orange flairs were between 12 and 21 seconds. The last colour was red and this was only awarded to those who could resist clicking The Button until the timer read between zero and 11 seconds. On the 8 June, when the counter reached zero, the site simply said: ‘The experiment is over.’ This disappointed many who had hoped there would be some sort of Easter Egg or online treat hidden behind it.

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